Distilling up and away

Beginning life on the Edge!

Well here is the first of many blog posts from Edge of the World distillery.

This is a simple hello blog, letting the world know we exist and have started our journey into single malt whisky and craft spirits. There will be a few more posts in the coming weeks giving more detail into the lead up  to this day, when and why we started, our journey so far, and our plans ongoing. We look forward to having you join us.

Our image for this post is right out front of our top secret distillery location at Arthur River, on Tassie’s rugged west coat.  This landscape and the pure waters derived from it, are a large part of what inspired us to start up.

We are excited to launch our Gold and Silver Founding Member’s plan, and already have a a number of Members and Barrel Buyback investors.  Exciting times!

Our product development has begun, and we are on our way to refining our flavour profile, ready to barrel down.

Stay tuned as we share our spirited journey with you!